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Lasermike repair

Microtex Electronics Inc
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  • We repair most types of laser micrometers.
  • We strive to have your units fixed and shipped back to you within two - four days of receipt.
    • A CRT upgrade is now available for your Lasermike 182 and 192 processors.

      The 5 displays in your units were manufactured in the 80s, we find many of the repairs made on these units are to replace or to repair the CRT display.
      We can replace your 15, 20 or 30 year old screen with a clean, crisp digital LCD screen for only $500.00 a unit, and the NEW LCD screen comes with a 2-year
      replacement warranty.  No more flickering, burned-in or fuzzy displays.     

      If your processor is in need of repair we charge a flat rate of $975.00 with a 1-year parts and labor warranty, and well include a NEW LCD display for only $250.00!
  • Laser Micrometer Repair and Calibration

    Fast service        No expedite fee

    Calibration Gages traceable to NIST

    $975.00 flat rate for a single unit

    $1450.00 flat rate for a 2 piece system

    Includes a 1-year parts and labor warranty  

    13191 Kingfisher Road  Brooksville, FL 34614

Service Agreement / Preventive Maintenance

  • For companies with three or more systems we offer service agreements, customized to fit your needs.  For one yearly charge your units will be covered for break downs and failures.  Send us an equipment list and we'll send you a no obligation quote with all the details.

Call 888-251-4503 or 386-426-1922 for a quote!


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